What we do

Autopsy- Newcastle University Surgical Society has collaborated with the pathology department at the Royal Victoria Infirmary hospital in Newcastle. Therfore throughout term time, we provide medical students with the opportunity to visit the department and observe autopsies with the doctors located there. It gives an insight to our students of what it is like to discover the underlying cause behind a patient’s death as well as an opportunity for them to learn some real life anatomy which is applied in action. Moreover, there are many mechanisms of injury and death that one can learn from and therefore can shape their logical thinking when our young surgeons are presented with an acute traumatic situation. These autopsy sessions have become an invaluable resource for education and are available to the students at all stages of their medical school training. 

Surgical skills- Here at Newcastle University Surgical Society, we have a passion to develop and improve the surgical skills of our medical students. Therefore, we offer regular sessions delivered by registrar surgeons held at the clinical skills lab and dissection room in the Medical school. These sessions target the fundamental skills that are required by all surgeons and provides more junior medical students the foundation to build upon. We currently offer basic, intermediate and advanced suturing courses aimed at the different abilities of students. It gives our students a feel of the surgical instruments and allows them to mature their manual dexterity to handle these equipment safely and efficiently. Moreover, the session being delivered by current surgeons in training means the students also benefit from little tips and tricks that many surgeons have had difficulty with. As well as that, the sessions give the surgeons who are passionate to teach an opportunity to shape the training of their future colleagues. Without these fantastic surgeons, these sessions would simply not have been possible. 

Cutting edge-

This year we will be publishing articles about the latest surgical advancements and research on our very own journal called the ‘Cutting Edge’! Stay tuned for the latest updates by following us on our facebook page!
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