What do we do?

Surgical skills

Our skills sessions are fun and interactive, allowing students to gain some of the core surgical skills that are needed throughout a surgeon’s career. Each year we offer a wide range of sessions from basic suturing to more advanced procedures!


Each year Newcastle University Surgical Society runs a series of talks by inspiring surgeons from across the region. This aims to provide members with insight into an array of different specialties in order to stoke interest and form lasting bonds. We also hope to aid members with their onward journey into specialty training, with many hints and tips straight from the mouths of trainees. Again, we are eternally grateful to the kindness and generosity of our collaborative surgeons who give up their own time to inspire us.


Each year Surgical Society runs two major events, the Careers Roadshow and the Northern Undergraduate Surgical Conference. You won’t want to miss either of them!

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Newcastle University Surgical Society has collaborated with the pathology department at the Royal Victoria Infirmary hospital in Newcastle. These autopsy sessions have become an invaluable resource for education and are available to the students at all stages of their medical school training.