Surgical Careers Roadshow

The surgical careers roadshow is an amazing yearly event collaborated by Newcastle University Surgical Society and the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh (RCSEd). Each year we invite surgeons from various different specialties to join us and share about how it’s like to work in their particular field of surgery. We hope that it will be extremely helpful for students in clinical years to develop interest towards a surgical specialty, and it’s an excellent chance for those in their pre-clinical years to expand knowledge in different career pathways in surgery. You will have the perfect opportunity to chat with surgeons in your fields of interest and ask questions/ gain advice regarding specialty training, extracurricular opportunities and get tips on applications. We look forward to everyone joining us in November!

Northern Undergraduate Surgical Conference

The northern undergraduate surgical conference is a national event held in the university’s medical school in March. Each year, NUSS and RCSEd gather passionate students from many different universities who are interested in the career of surgery. We invite prestigious speakers in the country to share their experiences in surgery, and how this could differ across specialties and public health situations. Students will have the opportunity to take part in a great variety of surgical workshops, from practising basic suturing to learning to perform procedures like cyst removal. Keen students will also have a chance to have their research presented at the conference and win amazing prizes. The northern undergraduate surgical conference is one of the biggest events hosted by the society and we receive a ton of great feedback each year. We look forward to seeing everyone this year!

Events Officer 2021/2022 – Arjun Vyas and Jeremy Ng