Committee 2021-22

Co-President: Jeremy Cheong

Year: Intercalation

Specialty of Interest: Neurosurgery and Plastic Surgery

Hobbies: Weightlifting and Cooking

“I am excited and enthusiastic to be leading the society alongside the co-president. We aim to bring you an exciting line-up of events to inspire you to consider surgery as a career.”

Co-President: Thejas K

Year: Four

Specialty of Interest: Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Hobbies: Travelling and F1

“The past year has been an interesting experience for our society but now I’m really looking forward to working with this years committee as we navigate our way to a post-covid normalcy”

Vice President: Ailey Zhao

Year: Four

Specialty of Interest: General Surgery

Hobbies: Swimming and Yoga

“We have an amazing group of people on the committee this year who are super keen to answer any question you may have. Make sure to come along for a chat at our events!”

Treasurer: Charlie Peat

Year: Four

Specialty of Interest: General, Ortho, Cardiothoracics (…most specialties really)

Hobbies: Watching sport and doing a bit of gymnastics and golf

“Since first year NUSS has been a great way to get involved with and find out about all kinds of surgery in an engaging and enjoyable way. This year I am personally looking forward to the return of in-person events, as well as continuing with a range of virtual sessions which made NUSS so accessible in the past year – hope to see you there!

Secretary: Anastasia Romanova

Year: Intercalating (MRes)

Specialty of Interest: Trauma & Orthopaedics

Hobbies: Swimming, Photography, Cooking

“I am really looking forward to running events that will get more students interested in surgery that otherwise wouldn’t have given it a second thought, as well as helping demystify the world of surgery to make surgical opportunities less daunting!”

Events Officer: Jeremy Ng

Year: Four

Specialty of Interest: General and Plastic Surgery

Hobbies: Playing guitar, F1, Table Tennis

“I’m looking forward to organising interesting events for our members this year! I hope those events will inspire more students to choose surgery as a career”

Events Officer: Arjun Vyas

Year: Four

Specialty of Interest: Trauma & Orthopaedics

Hobbies: Basketball, Gym and Photography

“Hi guys! I’m Arjun and I’m one of your new Events Officers! This year I’m looking forward to bouncing the society back from a very disrupted year due to the pandemic, and hoping we manage more in-person events, especially our big surgical conference later in the year!!”

Talks Officer: Raj Maan

Year: Three

Specialty of Interest: Neurosurgery, Plastics and Cardiovascular

Hobbies: Coding, Baking and Reading!

“Overall, I’m very excited to be working with such a great committee and hopefully we can deliver some degree of normalcy in this COVID world. Specifically I’m really interested in surgical research and VR and hoping I can try bring that in reach of our members!

Social Media and Publicity Officer: Nesta Baxter

Year: Four

Specialty of Interest: ENT, General, HPB and Endocrine Surgery

Hobbies: Kickboxing, Reading & Running

“This year I’m excited to work with the committee to ‘show off’ the fantastic events, talks and much more that this society has to offer as well as helping members become as involved and interested as I have become in SurgSoc.”

Education Officer: Peter Bruce-Wootton

Year: Four

Specialty of Interest: Trauma & Orthopaedics

Hobbies: Any adventure outdoors!

“I’m a Scotsman slowly working his way south! I can’t wait to meet all the Surg Soc members and get the best out of ScrubbEd after it’s debut success last year!”

Skills Officer: Dinul Hettiarachchi

Year: Four

Specialty of Interest: General, Plastic and Paediatric Surgery

Hobbies: Photography, Cooking and Trekking

“A quirky surgery enthusiast with an interest in robotics and plastic surgery. During my free time I like to practice suturing skills on fruits and pretend they are patients with backstories!”

Anatomy/Autopsy Officer: Sean Pattinson

Year: Four

Specialty of Interest: Cardiothoracic Surgery

Hobbies: Swimming and Racquet Sports

“I’ve had an interest in surgery since before coming to university and have always been keen to get involved in the Surgical Society. My main interest is in Cardiothoracic surgery and I aim to provide experience and exposure to the specialty within my role”

Diversity/Welfare Officer: Catherine Otoibhi

Year: Three

Specialty of Interest: Orthopaedics/Sports Medicine

Hobbies: Tennis & Travelling

“I’m looking forward to getting involved in the society as a committee member for the first time and putting on some great events for everyone. Here’s to a more event-filled year than the last one!”

Tees Representative: Prashasth Cheekoty

Year: Four

Specialty of Interest: General and Plastic Surgery

Hobbies: Food, Fitness and Reading

“Although I’m not entirely sure, plastic surgery is definitely a strong interest of mine! Outside of medicine, I’m passionate about healthcare consulting and MedTech. I’m really excited to bring a lot more events to tees this year!”

FY1 Representative: Eli Eagle

Year: FY1

Specialty of Interest: ENT and General Surgery

Hobbies: Cycling and Natural Wines

“I’ve been on committee since 4th year and I’m excited to carry on into my foundation programme! Looking forward to another year with a great committee.”

Past President: Shiv Kolhe

Year: Final

Specialty of Interest: Trauma & Orthopaedics

Hobbies: Cricket, Coffee and Eating Out

“I’m looking forward to supporting the new committee this year in developing some exciting new ideas and initiatives, whilst continuing to provide our members with fantastic opportunities to develop their interest in surgery. Most of all, I’m excited for more in-person events, socials and free food!”