Tees Events

Our Tees department aims to provide equal opportunities to our students based in Tees as much as those in Newcastle. This includes providing subsidies for travel to talks and conference as well as organising our own talks and practical skills sessions.

Currently we have had two surgical skills sessions covering from theatre etiquettes, scrubbing, surgical materials and equipment, to basic sutures and knots.

We would like thank all our teachers who have graciously volunteered their time and knowledge, and made it possible to even have an amazing practical session with a one:two ratio of teachers to students! Also, thanks to our wonderful technicians and administration team in JCUH Strive who always helps us with our planning and organisation of our sessions.

Starting from the new year we hope to organise few more practical sessions as well as specialty specific teaching for more unique insight into some of the surgical specialties such as trauma and orthopaedics. If there are any more ideas for teaching or session in Tees, please do not hesitate to reach out via email!

Gayle Oh – NUSS Tees Representative 2022/23