Breaking Stereotypes

This year we are organising a new talk series titled, ‘Breaking Stereotypes’ which is a 4-part virtual lecture series on Diversity and Wellbeing in Surgery. As part of this series, I am inviting surgeons representing diverse backgrounds to share their journey and perspectives of being and becoming a surgeon.

The aim of the series is to demystify the myths and instil positive self-care and work-life habits which will support members from all backgrounds to feel empowered to consider and prepare themselves for the challenges in a career in surgery.

We will be covering the following themes:

1. Women in Surgery: the challenges and how to overcome them (November)

2. Diversity and Work-Place Discrimination (January)

3. Work/life Balance and Coping with Stress (February)

4. Academia and Leadership in Surgery: How accessible is it? (March)

Surgeons on Call

We will also be running 3 networking events (Surgeons On Call) over the year so keep an eye out for these! This will be a great opportunity for you to meet surgeons and ask them any questions to help you gain more of an insight into the career and professional/personal challenges they face.

Eteesha Rao – NUSS Diversity and Welfare Officer 2022/23