Monthly Specialty Talks

As part of our Monthly Speciality Talks, we endeavour to provide you with an insight into surgery as a lifestyle, as well as learn about the differences between surgical specialities. We hope to be able to offer perspectives students lack while considering careers in surgery and help decide how their preferences fit into the various specialities that exist.

We arrange for enthusiastic consultants to talk about their life in surgery and the cases they see and treat daily. The talks are always passionately delivered and cover topics like common conditions, interesting cases, work-life balance, and clinical opportunities that help students learn more about the post they hope to achieve. We also try to bring in registrars that offer a unique perspective and help students gauge the current trends in training and application. These talks are also fantastic opportunities to network with possible future colleagues, ask about research opportunities, and snag SSCs!

We’ve already had a couple talks covering Plastics and Cardiothoracics. Keep checking in to find out the details of the talks, which are always associated with the Monthly Theme!

Vaasu Bansal – NUSS Talks Officer 2022/23