Surgical Skills

Here at Newcastle University Surgical Society, we have a passion to develop and improve the surgical skills of our medical students. Therefore, we offer regular sessions delivered by registrar surgeons held at the clinical skills lab and dissection room in the Medical school. These sessions target the fundamental skills that are required by all surgeons and provides more junior medical students the foundation to build upon.

We currently offer basic, intermediate and advanced suturing courses aimed at the different abilities of students. It gives our students a feel of the surgical instruments and allows them to mature their manual dexterity to handle these equipment safely and efficiently. The skills sessions will provide students with an opportunity to gain exposure to various surgical specialties and provide a platform for them to try what they like.

Basic surgical skillsSimple suturing techniques and familiarisation with basic surgical equipment
Laparoscopic skillsSugar cube stacking; threading polos and tying knots; putting beans in a matchbox; cutting the glove without bursting the balloon.
Cardiothoracic workshopCABG anastomoses, purse string suture and VATS
NeurosurgeryEggshell burr holes and craniotomy
PlasticsZ-plasty and tendon repair
General surgeryBowel anastomoses
Surgical skills we hope to cover over the year

The sessions are delivered by current surgeons in training meaning that students also benefit from little tips and tricks that many surgeons have had difficulty with. As well as that, these sessions give surgeons who are passionate to teach an opportunity to shape the training of their future colleagues. Without these fantastic surgeons, our sessions would simply not be possible. 

Surgical Skills Officer 2021/2022 – Dinul Hettiarachchi